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Khoon Ka Rishta ~ Cure for Thalassemia

Khoon Ka Rishta ~ Cure for Thalassemia

This is the “Khoon Ka Rishta,” a campaign from 23rd of July till 28th of September. While July 23rd is the Birth Anniversary of two eminent Indian revolutionaries, Lokmanya Tilak and Chandrashekhar Azad September 28 happen to be the birth anniversary of the revolutionary leader Bhagat Singh.

‘Khoon Ka Rishta’ is a campaign that spans two months in duration. It is imperative for us to understand the importance of Blood in our lives. On a daily basis you keep a check on the amount of money in your wallet or the amount of recharge and battery charge available in your phone.

What is the amount of LPG gas remaining in our cylinders or the quantity of petrol available in our vehicle tanks. We keep a vigilant check on these matters on a daily basis. However, in our country, and perhaps, even here in the audience with us, we have several children whose parents are required to keep a check on the quantity of blood in their ward’s bodies. Checking the amount of blood in their children’s bodies! This is known as Thalassemia. Just like you frequently refill petrol in your vehicles, in the same way these parents arrange for blood to be refilled in their children’s bodies after every week, two weeks, or a similar regular interval.

Just like you frequently refill petrol in your vehicles, in the same way these parents arrange for blood to be refilled in their children’s bodies after every week, two weeks, or a similar regular interval.

We take our bodily blood levels for granted. We never give it thought as to how much blood must remain in our bodies. It is the body’s mechanism. What do we have to worry about? Right? That is the job of the body. Blood is automatically manufactured in our body it is then utilized and all along the body again makes new blood available for our bodily functions.

We never sit and think about how much quantity of blood we might have in our body at any given time evidently, we are privileged. We have lakhs of children all across India who physically looks like any other child. Overtly you will never be able to fathom their individual problem, that their body is unable to manufacture blood.

We will further discuss whether their body is either not able to manufacture blood or if they are not able to get their bodies to manufacture blood. Ultimately, the only option remaining with them is that on regular intervals they have to undergo blood transfusion. So as part of the two month campaign, ‘Khoon Ka Rishta’ we will observe... Today I will teach each one of you how, within a span of two months, we all can manufacture blood in our bodies.

Blood can be manufactured in every body. For this we need the same three ingredients of Heat, Water, and Food. When we combine these three ingredients in a particular way so all such children who have been declared patients of Thalassemia can benefit. I request you all to take some time to imagine if your children suffered from Thalassemia and if you are advised by experts of the field that as long as your child is alive you will have to bring him to the hospital on regular intervals for blood transfusion. I urge you to empathize with this feeling. It is filled with pain and despair. It can easily be compared to that of a jail.

However, an interesting and important point to be noted here is that it is very much possible for one to get out of this situation both efficiently and even rapidly.

Safest, fastest, and lifelong – these are three very important subjects to understand here. You can get out of this difficult life situation in the safest possible way.

Within a few days it is possible to be out of it and most importantly, the effect will prevail for a lifetime. It is very much possible. Now let us give some thought on the fact that if this is possible that if blood is not being manufactured in the body – or you can say that the so – called blood is only not being able to be manufactured in the body, then all other diseases and maladies are insignificant as compared to it.

Take look at all the names of diseases that you know, for instance, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Blood Cholesterol, and Blood Clot. You can easily understand that all these diseases are interconnected by virtue of the common factor called Blood. Right?

Starting 23rd of July we need your support for such parents who are required to keep a check on the quantity of blood remaining in their children’s body.

Note: Thalassemia Patients may contact Dr. BRC for Free treatment at www.biswaroop.com/azad

Try to understand that on a daily basis it is critical that they measure the haemoglobin of their children’s body. Thereafter, as needed they are required to arrange for blood transfusion. This is similar to getting your vehicle’s tank refuelled.

We treat such patients as we can cure them effectively. However, we are not able to reach all such patients. This is where you can help us. It is not necessary that you bring patients you know to us or connect us to any such patient.

Even you can help them in your own accord by learning how to cure them. You can then passw on the technique to any Thalassemia patient you come across.

By following the technique they can easily and effectively cure themselves of this grave difficult life situation. Isn’t it Sir?

It is not mandatory for you to connect any and every Thalassemia patient with us. You yourself connect with them for the same.

In the next two minutes I will teach you how we can stop the haemoglobin levels of such patients and children from dipping low in their bodies just like we are able to maintain our haemoglobin levels.

I have a feeling if you are successfully able to do so and if we together are able to achieve this goal then it will be a truly remarkable accomplishment for all of us. So how do we go about with it?

Formula for a Thalassemia patient! Such a patient is commonly known as a Thalassemia patient.

Although I don’t want to focus my attention on the disease name, however, whenever you hear this word, you can quickly connect that this is a patient who regularly undergoes blood transfusion.

And if Blood transfusion does not happen on time, then it results in weakness, fatigue, they will take time in standing up, their jaw structure will get distorted. These are the various symptoms that can help you understand the disease better.

When we cure such children, we adopt a DIP Diet combined with Green and Red Juice. This can be Spinach juice, Beetroot Juice, or Tomato Juice. We add about two hours of direct Sunlight to this along with Living water. I will just explain to you what is living water.

When we combine these four ingredients, it results in the destruction of Thalassemia and cures the child. The day the child begins this regime, there are chances that moving forward, and they will never have to go for another blood transfusion, if they can follow this treatment technique.

Of these four elements, let us understand what living water is. When the water flows from a stream, it is living water. While colliding with the rocks, when the water flows downward, it collects minerals along the way. Those minerals come in handy in our body. If, however, you are unable to get water supply directly from a stream somehow, then you can use this alternate method to create living water for yourself.

Take three mud pots. (I had brought certain stones with me. Do we have them here?) Here you can see mentioned in the image wood charcoal, fine sand, and coarse sand. If you are able to replicate this image by putting the ingredients as depicted in the three pots, then you will almost be able to create living water.

From top to bottom it takes about 20 minutes for the water to come down, using the effect similar to a stream, when the tap water flows downward by colliding within the pots, the water that we receive finally can almost be known as called living water. We have tried to replicate the working of a live stream of water.

Today one of the major causes of illness in humans is an RO Filter. I strongly suggest that for the benefit of human health we all must throw out our RO water filters and Bisleri bottles of filtered water.

Instead, you too must make an effort to replicate this image and work towards creating living water in your respective homes. Supreme Court has recently prohibited the use of RO (Reverse Osmosis) Filters.

You wonder why you are falling ill so frequently. On the other hand the water you drink is nothing but poison. So it is obvious that you will fall ill. So what can be done to stay healthy? Either you can wind up by selling everything and relocate to the mountain which is definitely not a possibility, or you can adopt an easier way out by creating your own living water.

In order to learn how exactly we can replicate this technique Read our Next Article – Living Water, which will provide a step by step guide on how to create living water using three mud pots and these ingredients. This way we will successfully remove RO filters from every household.

If this system has been proven effective for a child whose body is unable to manufacture blood, then you can imagine its benefits for our bodies that are anyway able to manufacture and maintain healthy levels of blood in our bodies.

Imagine the miracles possible for our bodies with this technique! Please remember, the medicine provided to us by the Almighty is nothing but Fruits, Vegetables, Heat, Water, and Law of Gravity.



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عہد بہمنیہ میں اُردو شاعری، ڈاکٹر سید چندا حسینی اکبر، گلبرگہ نیورسٹی گلبرگہ Urdu poetry in the Bahmani period

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