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(Step by Step)

Ihraam: Two piece of unstitched white (preferably) clothes (2 ½ meters each) Take Bath (With the niyyat of Ihraam) and perform “Wadu”.
            Put on Ihraam, perform two Rak-at Nifil Namaz for “UMRAH”. Take care if it is a prohibited (Makrooh) time.

Niyyat Namaz-e-Umrah:-
            Doo rak-at nafil namaz baraye Umrah ada Karne ki niyyat karta hoon waste Allah ke monh mera taraf Baith Allah ke. Cover head by Ihraam, only during the Namaz.
            During above namaz, preferably recite sura Kafiroon after, Sura Fatiha during first rak-at, and during Second rak-at after Sura Fatiha Sura Iqlaas may be recited. If one does’t remember said Suras, other suraas may be recited.

Sura Al-Kafiroon:
            Qul ya ayyuha alkafiroona,  La aAAbudu ma taAAbudoona, Wala antum AAabidoona ma aAAbudu, Wala ana AAabidun ma AAabadtum, Wala antum AAabidoona ma aAAbudu, Lakum deenukum waliya deeni,

Sura Iqlaas:
            Qul huwa Allahu ahadun, Allahu alssamadu, Lam yalid walam yooladu, Walam yakun lahu kufuwan ahad,
            Soon after the Namaz uncover the head. Do niyyat for Umrah:
            “O Allah main teri Khushnoodi ke Liye Umrah ada karne ki niyyat karta hoon. O Allah is ko mere liye aasan karde, qubool farma, aur mere liye ba barkat karde”.

            “Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik, Labbaik la Shareeka laka Labbaik, Innal- Hamda wan-niamata laka wal mulka la Sharika lak”.
            Now you will be under all the restrictions of Ihraam.
Now Dua: Allah ‘Umrah” Ki Adaygi main meri madad farma.
            Start uttering Talbiya till you enter into the “Majid-E-Haraam”.
Restrictions of Ihraam:
Don’t apply any sent or utr over the Ihraam.
Never cover the head and face by Ihraam.
But Ladies must keep their heads covered.
Don’t kill any big or smallest insect / animal while in Ihraam.
Don’t pull out any of the hairs from any part of the body.
Don’t cut nails,
Don’t touch Baith Allah / its Ghilaf or Hajre aswad While in Ihraam. Because they are heavily sented.
Don’t use Socks.
Use only “Hawai” Chappels.
Don’t use Ihraam or any other clot for wiping off the face or head. (Applies for Gents and ladies both)
As soon as you reach “Makka” try to perform “Umrah” at the earliest.
It is preferred to make entry into “Majid-E-Haraam” from “Babus-Salam” putting right foot first into.
            Move forward. As soon as you see ‘Baitullah’ stop uttering Talbiyah. Raise both the hands for dua. Utter….
            “Allahuakber, Allahuakber, Allahuakber, La Ilaha Il-lallaahu Wallahuakber
Dua:  Ya Allah main zindagi main joo bhi jaiz dua mangoon qubool farma. Mere sare Sagheera-o-kabeera gunahoon ko buqsh de. Mujhe taa hayat deen-o-imaan per qayam rakh. Deen-o-dunya main mujhe baland darjaath ata farma. Mujhe wasee nafa baqsh ilm aur wasee rizq ata farma.

Mujhe apne nake bandaon ke sath Jan-nath-e-Firdoos main daqil farma.
Ya Allah mujhe hamesha ki sehatmandi ata farma, aur jo naimaten apne rahem-o-karam se mujhe ata ki hain usay wapas na lay. (Further more can be added as per your wish).
Tawaf-E-Umrah (Ba-wadu)
            Move towards “Hajr-e-Aswad”, reciting Talbiya.
            After reaching nearer to strip line of Hajre-Aswad,
Stop reciting Talbiya.
Iztiba: (Only for gents) keep right hand shoulder necked. Spread end of Ihraam over left hand shoulder.
(Iztiba is “Sunnat” and has to be carried out only during Tawaf of seven rounds, not before or after, i.e., as soon as 7th round of Tawaf is over Iztiba should be discountinued).
            Bismillahir-Rehman-nir-raheem. Ya Allah teri Khushnoodi ke liye tere muqaddus ghar ke saat pheraon ketawaf ki niyyat karta hoon. Aye Allah tu isay meri taraf se qubool farma, aur mere liye aasaan, aur baa barkat kar de. Now step over the strip line, facing your chest towards Hajr-E-Aswad, (This is known as Istighbal-e-Hajr-e-Aswad). Raise both the hands upto the ears like Takbeer-e-Namaz, recite “Bismillahi Allahuakbar” keep down the hand (this act is only once at the beginning of first round and should not be repeated for the remaining six rounds). Now raise the hands again, upto your chest facing the Palms towards Hajre-E-Aswad. Do “Istillam” / Bosa of your palms. Then turn your self to right. So that Baitullah will be at your left. Utter Bismillahi Allahuakbar and start first round of Tawaf.
            During all the seven rounds of Tawaf, if you are well verse with duas recite them, otherwise only Darood-e-Mohammadi or Darood-e-Ibraheemi or Suwwam Kalima should be repeated.
Suwwam Kalima:
            “Subhan Allahi Walhamdulillahi wa la ilaha il-lallahu wallahu akber, wala haula wala quwwata illa billahil aliyyil azeem”.
            During first three rounds, gents must carryout “RAMAL”, i.e., you have to walk slightly faster, with expanded chest, along with the movement of shoulders and on toes if possible. (This is Sunnat and restricted to first three rounds only.)
1) Hajr-e-Aswad
            While taking first round of Baitullah when you reach Rukun-e-yamaani, stop reciting suwam Kalima and start reciting:
            “Rabbana Aatina fid-dunya hasnataon wa fil aaqirati hasnataon wa qina azaaban-nar”. (Repeat as many times as possible till you reach the Hajre-Aswad strip line). Now your first round (shouth) of Tawaf is over.
            Now stand over the Hajre-Aswad strip, turn your chest facing Hajre-Aswad, lift both the hands up to the chest facing the palms towards Hajre-Aswad, then have Istilam / Bosa of palms. Recite Bismillahi Allahuakber and Start for second round of Tawaf. Same way complete all the left over rounds of Tawaf. At the end of the seventh round of the tawaf stand over the Hajre-Aswad strip, repeat “Istillam” / Bosa and cross the strip line by moving farward. It has to be noted that there will be seven rounds but eight number of Bosas in a complet Tawaf.
            Now you have to offer Two Rakats salaat wajibut-tawaf near Muqaam-e-Ibraheem. If it is not possible due to crowd, it can be performed at any place with in Masjid-E-Haraam.
            Niyyat: Do rak-at namaz wajibuttawaf ada karne ki niyyat karta hoon waste Allah Ke monh mera taraf Bitullah ke.
            During this Namaz also Sura Fatiha and Sura Kafiroon in First rak-at and in Second rak-at sura Fatiha and Sura Iqlaas may be recited. After the Namaz you must offer dua for all the wishes you have (Avoid this Salat if it is prohibited / Makrooh time, and offer after restoration of normal time.)
            Then move towards “Multazim” (the space between Hajr-e-Aswad and the door of Baitullah is called “Multazim”). This is the place where the duas are accepted. But don’t touch Ghilaf-E-Kaaba as it will be heavily sented. If it is not possible to go nearer to Multazim due to crowd, stand at back and offer dua.
            Then you proceed towards Zam Zam, before drinking, offer dua, drink it as much as possible, apply it over head arms, and over face and pour a little over the head. It has to be done in standing posture.
            After Zum Zum you have to go to Hajr-e-Aswad strip and offer ‘Bosa’ the way it is mentioned earlier. (It is sunnut)
            Now you have to proceed for “saee” of Safa-o-Marwa. Saee is ‘Wajib’. So without performing “Saee” Umrah will be incomplete. There are seven rounds for a saee. One walk from Safa to Marwa is called one round, same way you may have to make seven rounds. The starting will be from Safa and it ends at Marwa. Proceed towards ‘Safa’. Facing towards Baitullah do ‘Niyyat’ for Saee (thought it is optional only)
            Allah main Safa-o-Marwa ke beech Saath Peheraon Ki Saee Ki Niyaat Karta Hoon Teri Raza Ke Liye. Is ko Mujh se qubool farma aur mere liye aasaan karde. And offer dua as per your wishes”.
            Then in the same posture (Facing Baithulla) utter “Bismillah Allahuakber”. If there is no crowds climb over Safa (rock) a little and start walking towards Marwah. Between Safa-O-Marwa there is a portion indicated with Green lights, between this portion you have to walk a bit faster (only for gents). After reaching Marwa, there also do Dua. If possible climb a little over Marwa (Rock), utter “Bismilla Allahuakber” and proceed towards safa., Same way complete seven rounds. At the end of the rounds also do Dua. Now your saee is complete.
            Then get your head shaved (Halq). Or Qasar, i.e., reduce ¼ length of the hairs. But Halq Is Afzal.
            After shaving the head you are free from the restrictions of Ihraam. And your Umrah is complete.
            Now you may have bath and put on normal stiched dress.

1.                  During Tawaf if the Wadu is lost you can have fresh wadu and complete the left over rounds (Shouth). But if the wadu is lost before completion of third round, you have to redo it from beginning i.e., freshly.
2.                  If you have forgotten the number of rounds you have made, then assume the minimum of them, and complete the left over.
3.                  Keep Baithulla always at your left during Tawaf and don’t try to have look of it. It is treated as Makrooh/Haraam.
4.                  After Saee Ladies can get cut a portion of their hairs by their Mehram. For this purpose 2” length of hairs from tale end of ¼ portion of their hairs should be cut by a Halal Mehram.

Halal Mehram: Means the Mehram who has already shaved his head after saee.

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