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فلسطین اور مسلمان!!! از:۔مدثراحمد۔شیموگہ۔کرناٹک

فلسطین اور مسلمان!!! از:۔مدثراحمد۔شیموگہ۔کرناٹک۔9986437327 Abstract The war between Palestine and Israel is still going on, millions of people have been displaced, thousands of people have been martyred, Muslims have no helpers in Palestine, all those who are enemies of Islam and Muslims have gone with Israel, in these countries. Including India, which has a biased attitude towards its own citizens. On the one hand, the war between Palestine and Israel continues, on the other hand, the rulers of the Islamic world have opened their front against these attacks, and these attacks are being condemned continuously. These attacks are being described as barbaric and inhumane. These condemnation statements are from the countries that are called the superpowers of Muslims.   On the one hand, the United States and England are helping Israel through their military forces and soldiers, delivering warships, cannons and bullets to Israel. On the other hand, countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and th
حالیہ پوسٹس

جب توپ ہوسامنے توکیمرہ نکالو*

*جب توپ ہوسامنے توکیمرہ نکالو* از:۔مدثراحمد۔شیموگہ۔کرناٹک۔9986437327 Abstract Whenever there are communal riots in the country and Muslims are oppressed, the houses of Muslims are burnt, Muslims are defamed, at such a time the media leaves no opportunity to defame Muslims and raise their voice against Muslims, the voice of the oppressed. Instead of standing with the oppressors, it has become the trend of the media today. In the same way, when the Muslims and other minorities are oppressed, instead of standing in support of the minorities, the police stand with the sectarians and persecute them. As many ways as possible, following those methods becomes their first duty. For the last several years, we have been hearing the same thing in these situations that the media is not with the Muslims, the media is not the voice of the Muslims. جب بھی ملک میں فرقہ وارانہ فسادات ہوتے ہیں اور مسلمانوں پر ظلم ہوتاہے،مسلمانوں کے گھر جلائے جاتے ہیں،مسلمانوں کو بدنام کیاجاتاہے،ایسے وقت میں میڈیا مسلمانو

*قمر صدیقی کی نظم نگاری : ایک جائزہ*

 *قمر صدیقی کی نظم نگاری : ایک جائزہ* مضمون نگار : *قاسم ندیم* Abstract Qamar Siddiqui's first poetry collection, Shab Awaz, contains a total of twelve poems. Names of TV Culture, Jeevan Kya Hai, Virtual Reality, Anjeer, Tulsi, Banyan, Peepal, Khabaram Rashit Mansaf, On the Death of Nani, On the Death of Dadi, Bhoot Preet and Asar Sahar. Qamar Siddiqui started writing poetry from his student days. The influence of Mumbai's lyrical and literary environment initially carried him along, but he managed to carve out a path of his own. Ubaid Azam Azmi and Qamar Siddiqui became the center of attention in poetry recitals and mushairas in their youth. Qamar Siddiqui took the modern requirements of poetry like ghazal seriously. Intellectually, he was closer to Shamsur Rahman Farooqi and modernity. But he did not limit his intellectual dimensions. That's why the vision of expansion is clearly visible in his poems. In terms of quality, he edited his poems very well - he tried his hand

* ویشنو کی پھسلن * قسط ـ ۵ ہندی مضمون ـ ہری شنکر

★خواہ مخواہ ★( طنزومزاح)   * ویشنو کی پھسلن * قسط ـ ۵  ہندی مضمون ـ ہری شنکر پرسائی (ہندی طنزومزاح نگار)   مترجم ـ ملا بدیع الزماں (اردو طنزومزاح نگار)  کچھ دنوں بعد ایک گاہک نے بیرے سے کہا، اِدھر کچھ اور بھی ملتا ہے؟"  بیرے نے پوچھا،" اور کیا صاحب؟"  گاہک نے کہا، " ارے یہی دل بہلانے کو کچھ؟ کوئی اونچے قسم کا مال ملے تو لاؤـ"  بیرے نے کہا، "نہیں صاحب، اس ہوٹل میں یہ نہیں چلتا ـ "  گاہک ویشنو کے پاس گیا ـ بولا،"اس ہوٹل میں کون ٹھہرے گا؟ ادھر رات کو دل بہلانے کا کوئی انتظام نہیں ہے ـ"  ویشنو نے کہا،"کیبرے تو ہے صاحب "  گاہک نے کہا،"کیبرے تو دور کا ہوتا ہے ـ بالکل پاس کا چاہیے ـ گرم مال، کمرے میں ـ"  ویشنو پھر دھرم سنکٹ میں پھنس گیا ـ دوسرے دن ویشنو پربھو کی خدمت میں حاضر ہوا ـ درخواست کی ـ "اے میرے مہربان! گاہک لوگ عورت مانگتے ہیں ـ گناہ کا پٹارا ـ میں تو اس گناہ کے پٹارے سے جہاں تک ہو سکے دور بھاگتا ہوں ـ اب میں کیا کروں؟ "  ویشنو کی پاک روح سے آواز آئی، "نادان! یہ تو فطرت اور انسان کے درمیان کا ایک اتفاق ہ

پاپولر میرٹھی کی پاپولرٹی اور طنزومزاح کی نئی روایت

پاپولر میرٹھی کی پاپولرٹی اور طنزومزاح کی نئی روایت     اسلم چشتی پونے ( انڈیا )   09422006327 Abstract And the tradition of comic poetry is very old, but in every era there have been few poets of pure humor - these few poets have carried on this tradition of cheerful, springy poetry. طنزیہ و مزاحیہ شاعری کی روایت بہت پُرانی ہے لیکن ہر دور میں خالص طنزومزاح کے شاعر کم ہی رہے ہیں -ان کم شاعروں نے ہی اس خوشگوار ، پُر بہار شاعری کی روایت کو آگے بڑھایا ہے - اکبر الہ آبادی کے بعد اُس معیار اور وقار کی شاعری تاریخِ ادب میں نہیں ملتی - اس کے با وجود گُلشنِ ادب میں ہمیشہ طنزومزاح کی مہک سے اُردو قارئین و سامعین لُطف اندوز ہوتے رہے ہیں - بہت سارے شعراء ایسے بھی ہوئے ہیں جنھوں نے اس صنف ادب میں شگوفے تو کھلائے لیکن معیار کا لحاظ نہیں رکھا - کچھ شعراء نے طنزومزاح کی شعری روایتوں کو آگے بڑھانے کے لیے فنِ شاعری کی پوری طرح پابندیوں اور اُصولوں کو ملحوظ رکھ کر شاعری کی ، زمانے کے تقاضوں اور ضرورتوں کے تحت نظمیں ، غزلیں ، ہزلیں، قطعات اور رباعیات ایسے پیش کیے کہ قدیم روایت تازگی اور پُرکاری سے آ

Men are also a beautiful creation of Allah,

ﺍﻟﺴَّـــــــﻼَﻡُ ﻋَﻠَﻴــْــﻜُﻢ صبح بخیر زندگی Abstract Men are also a beautiful creation of Allah, like women, to earn for their family, to take responsibility for all the needs and expenses of the house, to increase the family and to make their children talented with the best education and training, this is Adam Zaad. It is included in the nature of, we see the same man turning his hair white at a young age while helping to house his children and dowry for his sisters and daughters. If we look at him as a priest, then there is only one man who falls in love with a woman. If you see a man as careless and needless, then you see the same man pushing for money in a foreign country. Two sides and two sides of every coin are necessary. If the image of the universe is colored by the existence of a woman, then this image is created only by the existence of a perfect man. Ya Allah, grant peace to every man and woman couple, give them all faith and Islam. O Allah, bestow blessings, blessings an

غصے پر قابو پانے کا طریقہ

Abstract Controlling anger is only possible when our mind is under control. How to control Anger: Anger can be controlled only when the mind comes under our control. Passion and anger are explained here through a story that a sage lost the fruits of his penance due to his lack of control over his emotions. There was a learned Mahatma who was often angry. Mahatmaji was very popular in his area for two reasons. The first reason was the glory of the vibhuti given by him and the second reason was his intense anger. Many people had been victims of this sudden and extremely terrifying rage. The situation was such that whenever Mahatmaji got angry, he would start pelting stones. But this gesture of his anger seemed like a boon to the innocent public...People wanted to see him suffer more and more anger because they firmly believed that whenever his stone fell on someone If so, it works. will be fulfilled...  غصے پر قابو پانا اسی وقت ممکن ہے جب دماغ ہمارے قابو میں آجائے۔ غصے پر قابو پانے کا